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Mukesh Kumar

Director Sanskriti Institute

Dear Students/ Parents we worm welcome to you our Educational Center “Sanskriti Institute”. We would like to make sure that we really very hard work to make our student’s future brighter.

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In the socio-educational system, it is the most crucial phase in your life to choose a prestigious career in the professional field. Before making preparations for the entrance examination, it is not only important to know what to study but to know to study. It has been the adopt the new idea to tell the student how to study.
Our emphasis is to provide quality education to those who want to prepare themselves for exams like XIth, XIIth, JEE, NEET, CPT & CS. Students should remember 3 simple steps for success viz, follow your teachers, attend classes regularly & do self-study’ for practice makes a man perfect’. The quality of this institution is beckoned by the continuous hard work of well qualified and experienced faculties.
We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and beliefs that are essential for a productive, successful, and happy life. We recognize that these goals are best achieved when the institution provides an environment in which faculties, parents, staff, and others are developed and practice core values that benefit the academic, emotional, and social needs of all students. Sanskriti institute’s efforts are aimed at higher benchmarks and further refinement.
It enables you to fly on the wings of vision and be ignited by the spark of passion. Our mission is to set ourselves not just to enrich the legacy we have created, but to excel one milestone after another round-the-clock precision and habituated ease. Driven by the relentless efforts of the years that have gone by, we module leadership that when integrated with the latest technology and global perspective steers close to the best practices in XIth, XIIth, JEE, NEET, CPT, & CS preparation. In order to groom the student properly, the institute takes responsibility from class VIII itself.
With the changed pattern, we are set to provide our students with real practical skills that can meet the necessity of exam pattern & preparation while providing them with the fundamental knowledge for the board exam preparations.
Wishing all of you a happy & prosperous career ahead.

Mukesh Kumar
Sanskriti Institute

Our Mission


For 12 years, Sanskriti served the education sector with the same ethical,  and award winning service that made us most trusted institute.


Sanskriti’s Policy will be regularly monitored. The implementation of our Safety Policy requires total commitment from all Faculty & Administration Team.


Sanskriti have been transforming the visions of our students into life changing career. Sanskriti offer a outstanding educational environment to our students.

Why Choose Sanskriti

Sanskriti have group of the most experienced and highly educated faculty and administration team. We are completely dedicated for our student. We really work very hard to get brighter future opportunities for our all students.

  • Successful experience of more than 12 years
  • A great team of experienced faculty & administration team
  • Designed and customized study materials
  • Great environment for study
  • Boys & Girls Hostel In Campus
  • Library and Lab facility

Popular Questions

Now complete education.

It does make candidates stand out if they can call on examples from other areas of their lives, such as internships, part-time jobs or extracurricular activities,’ Neemita Mepani, graduate resourcing partner at AMEC, reflects.

It follow the STAR format when giving your examples. Explain the Situation, the Tasks you had to complete, the Actions you took and the Results of your actions. Place the most emphasis on the actions and the results.